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NO. Project Name Capacity Contract Mode Remarks
1 Shandong Taifeng Mining Group 5000 t/d Cement Production Line, China 5000t/d Design & Commissioning
2 Tongchuan Fenghuang 5000 t/d Cement Production Line, China 5000t/d Design & Commissioning
3 Uzbekistan Bekabad 2,500t/d Clinker Line, Uzbekistan 2500t/d EP
4 Conversion oil/gas firing to coal firing system for BCL (3300TPD), Pakistan 3300t/d Design & Commissioning
5 Mynaral 3000TPD Clinker & Cement Plant, Kazakhstan 3000t/d EPC
6 Yuzno - Kyrgyzskiy 2500t/d Cement Plant, Kyrgyz 2500t/d EP
7 Nanlou Group Co., Ltd.,Shanxi, China 2500t/d EP
8 Tangshan shuguang Co., Ltd., Hebei, China 2500t/d EPC
9 Modification Project for Rijiang Cement Company, Jiangxi, China 2500t/d EP
10 Thanh Cong III Building Materials Joint Stock Company, Vietnam 1000t/d EP
11 Dianxi Cement Company,Yunnan, China 1000t/d EP

China's First Line with Precalciner at High Altitude Region (2150m)

12 LUKSVAXI Cement Co. Ltd., Vietnam 2x700t/d Design & Commissioning
13 KYAUKSE Cement Plant, Myanmar 500t/d EP
14 Saraburi Cement Plant, Thailand 700t/d Design

The First Overseas Cement Production Line Exported by China

15 SZCC-700t/d Cement Plant, Zimbabwe 700t/d Design & Commissioning

The First Overseas Cement Joint Venture Exported By China

16 The 1# Line of Shiling Cement Plant, Jilin, China 360t/d Design

The First Industrialization Testing Production Line in China

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